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Corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete is a problem of serious concern from the stand-point of both safety and economy. Many owners and engineers respond to this problem by simply repairing the damaged concrete. To improve longevity of the repairs, owners and engineers often opt to remove additional, supposedly chloride contaminated but undamaged, concrete at great expense. Others sometimes utilize specialty repair materials. Such repairs, although they make the concrete structure whole, do not address the process (corrosion of steel in concrete) which caused the damage in the first place. Thus, depending on the condition and the exposure of the concrete, damage often continues to occur in areas not previously repaired. Under certain circumstances, repairs themselves can also fail due to inadvertent acceleration of corrosion in adjacent areas. To properly address the problem of corrosion of steel in concrete, a corrosion mitigation system must be installed in conjunction with the repairs. Numerous corrosion mitigation systems are available in the market. They vary from the simplest (sealers and corrosion inhibitors) to the most sophisticated (cathodic protection and electrochemical chloride extraction). The cost of such systems also varies from less than a dollar to ten or more dollars per square foot of affected surface area. Each of the corrosion mitigation systems is capable of controlling a certain level of corrosion activity, just as specific dosages of medicine are required to cure different degrees of sickness

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For about a decade, CONCORR, Inc. has been providing the best technical solutions to problems associated with corrosion deterioration of concrete structures of all types. We always focus on first identifying the level of corrosion activity, the cause of the problem, and other factors that may impact the corrosion process. This is accomplished by conducting a concrete and corrosion condition survey on select areas of the structure. The diagnosis of the structure allows us to match a cost-effective corrosion mitigation system with the structure and to select a compatible repair to go along with it. CONCORR, Inc's expertise was developed through research and development of many of the corrosion control systems commercially available today.

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The task of selecting a corrosion control system and compatible repair is a complex one. The level of present and anticipated future corrosion activity is controlled by the presence of admixed and/or marine chlorides, carbonation of the concrete, presence or lack of sufficient concrete cover over the steel, contact between dissimilar metals such as aluminum and steel in concrete, etc. This is further compounded by the presence of alkali silica reactive aggregate, freeze-thaw damage, non-corrosion induced cracking of the concrete, ingress of moisture and chloride ions through deficient joints and seals, etc. Thus, expertise in the area of concrete corrosion is necessary to properly match a corrosion control system and compatible repair scheme to the existing problem.

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Bid Package & Contractor Selection

After selecting the corrosion control system and repair strategy, there are several complex and time consuming steps that are required to complete the construction project. CONCORR, Inc. can help the owner with each one of those steps. First, a bid package needs to be prepared. This includes a detailed set of written project specifications and drawings. CONCORR, Inc. can prepare portions of the bid documents related to concrete repairs and corrosion mitigation system(s). If one of the sophisticated systems, such as cathodic protection, is required for corrosion mitigation, CONCORR, Inc. can design the system and prepare specifications and drawings for the bid package. There are several different types of cathodic protection systems. An in depth knowledge of these systems, including their application and limitations, is necessary to select the most cost-effective one for a particular structure. CONCORR, Inc. has researched or evaluated almost all cathodic protection systems available in the market and is thus best positioned to advise the owner on the pros and cons of each. Performance of any repair or corrosion mitigation system is dependent on the quality of construction. Therefore the next step is to select a qualified contractor to perform the work. CONCORR, Inc. can assist the owner(s) with this process.

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Construction Inspection

Once construction begins, CONCORR, Inc. can also perform construction inspection to ensure that the contractor is performing the work in accordance with the project specifications. Finally, the performance of the repairs and corrosion mitigation system should be monitored periodically after construction is completed. The level of monitoring is dependent on the specific rehabilitation strategy employed and any requirements stipulated in warranties provided by the contractor.

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