CONCORR Inc. specializes in the diagnostic evaluation, repair and protection of deteriorated reinforced concrete structures. This requires a background and training in several fields of engineering and science including concrete materials, corrosion science, and chemistry. The unique combination of the qualifications found in CONCORR’s staff provides this diversity in background and experience.

CONCORR Inc. also conducts research in the areas of reinforcing steel corrosion and corrosion protection technology. Senior staff members have worked in research institutes around the world and are internationally recognized in their area of expertise. They are recipients of research awards and have authored numerous technical publications.

Our staff members actively participate in technical committees of professional organizations including the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI), American Concrete Institute (ACI), Transportation Research Board (TRB), National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). CONCORR’s committee work focuses on the development of standards and specifications for the protection, repair and rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures. 

CONCORR’s principal, Ali Akbar Sohanghpurwala, is a recognized expert in the field of corrosion of metals in concrete. He chairs technical committees for several professional organizations and is often a guest speaker at technical meetings. He conducts research and developmental work on all corrosion protection systems and on many specialty concretes in use today. He received a masters degree in engineering from Florida Atlantic University, and has authored numerous technical publications on corrosion of metals in concrete, corrosion protection technology, including cathodic protection, and structure evaluations. He is a NACE certified corrosion specialist, a cathodic protection specialist, and an NRMCA certified concrete technologist. His extensive resume can be found here.

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