CONCORR Inc. performs condition surveys on all types of reinforced concrete structures anywhere in the world. To determine the quality of the concrete, the cause and extent of corrosion, and to quantify the existing damage, we conduct on-site and laboratory tests to retrieve data on the corrosion rate, chloride content, corrosion potential, delaminations, spalling, carbonation, electrical continuity, concrete cover, and strength of the concrete. The data are then analyzed to provide accurate, informative conclusions.


CONCORR Inc. considers all available materials and systems when developing a repair or rehabilitation strategy. Our recommendations are formulated after carefully analyzing the results of a corrosion condition survey. We also consider costs, length of construction time, and the impact of repairs on the surroundings to find the most practical long or short-term rehabilitation option.


Design & Inspect

In many cases where a corrosion protection system is recommended, CONCORR, Inc. designs the system and prepares relevant portions of the construction documents. During construction, we provide on-site technical assistance, quality control testing, and inspection.


For more information the following article is available:

Cathodic Protection as a Corrosion Control Alternative
by Ali Sohanghpurwala and William T. Scannell

In order to read this article you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Reader can be downloaded for free at the Adobe website.


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